Wall Wipe Dispensers for Your Workplace

wall wipe dispenser

If you’re a business owner, you’ve learned the value of keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer on hand, but there’s an easier way to maintain a healthy workplace. From gyms and toy stores to offices and supermarkets, a wall wipe dispenser provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative to endless bottles of hand sanitizer setting throughout…

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Dirty Diaper Disposable Bags

Diaper disposal

Dirty diapers are a fact of life for parents and anyone that’s a caregiver for a small child. They can be difficult to deal with, depending on where they occur. Dirty diaper disposal bags control odors, are leakproof and lightly scented. They easily fit into a diaper bag, purse or even in a pocket for…

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Controlling Dog Waste with Waste Stations

pet waste stations

Controlling the amount of dog waste, particularly in city environments, is becoming an increasingly concerning issue. Pet waste has a variety of negative impacts on people and pets, soil and water supplies, and wildlife. The solution is simple, though often overlooked – pet waste stations. Establishing the stations isn’t just for placement in neighborhoods. They’re…

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Why Dogs Need Exercise

daily dog exercise

Pet parents know their dog needs exercise, but daily exercise does more than just strengthen the body and contribute to physical health. It has a myriad of other benefits of which most individuals aren’t aware. Socialization Canines are naturally social creatures, but to ensure they develop socially, they need to be exposed to a variety…

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Signs Your Toddler is Ready to Potty Train

potty train

Every parent looks forward to the day that they can begin potty training their toddler. It’s important for parents to be observant and look for signs that their toddler is actually ready for potty training. Initiating it before the child is ready will end in frustration and failure. There’s no “right” time and much will…

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Workout Hygiene

workout hygiene

Seasonal illnesses are nothing new, but the chances of spreading them during a workout at a favorite gym can be mitigated with a little care and consideration. Individuals will be helping themselves and their families stay healthier, along with protecting others that may have underlying conditions. There are dozens of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections…

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Ways to Keep Your Office Space Sanitized

office space sanatized

Office spaces have been a major source of germs, fungi and viruses for years due to the close proximity in which individuals work. Business owners can attest to how quickly seasonal illnesses can spread among employees, the associated healthcare costs, and the loss of productivity that ensues. The COVID-19 pandemic brought into sharp focus the…

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Improve Mental Health with Physical Exercise

gym wipes gym sanitation

“Get some exercise” has almost become a standard prescription from health care professionals to their patients. While exercise is beneficial for weight control and a wide range of diseases and disorders, few individuals understand the positive effect exercise has on their mental health. Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous, exhausting, a chore, regimented, or involve…

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5 Signs that your Neighborhood is Pet Friendly

pet friendly

If you’re considering moving to a new neighborhood and have a dog, there are some signs you should be looking for that will tell you if the area is friendly to canines. You want to feel comfortable when you walk your dog and not have any problems with new neighbors. Don’t forget your pet’s needs…

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Managing Poopy Diapers on the Move

Poopy Diapers

Babies have no regard for what their parents and caretakers are doing when they have a bowel movement. It doesn’t matter whether individuals are using cloth or disposable diapers, there will be times when they have to deal with a messy diaper. The key to managing poopy diapers on the move is being prepared. Diaper…

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