Best Service Dog Breeds

service dog

Not every dog is suited to be a service dog, but there are some breeds that are chosen by trainers more often than others. Theoretically, any canine can be a service dog, but potential candidates undergo extensive physical training and they have a high degree of intelligence. Service dogs must also be emotionally and psychologically…

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What is Separation Anxiety?

separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is a very real problem for some canines. It can also create difficulties for a dog’s human companion and neighbors that may be subjected to it second hand. The problem arises when a dog is too dependent on its human caretaker or has been traumatized and is afraid to be left alone. Lack…

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Collar vs. Harness


Most people choose a traditional flat collar for training and walking their dogs. However, an increasing number of individuals are selecting a harness for their dog or opting for both, depending on the situation and the canine. Many people are choosing a dog collar for indoor use and a harness for training or walking their…

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8 Biggest Complaints at the Gym

8 common gym complaints

A visit to the gym is beneficial for physical health and can contribute to mental well-being. Most gym-goers are considerate and respectful, but there are always some whose behavior ranges from merely annoying or really rude to socially unacceptable. There’s little to be done if the gym owner refuses to enforce any applicable rules. The…

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Indoor Pet Station for Urban Dog Owners

Indoor Pet Station

“I forgot to take a bag” is one of the most common excuses for pet owners not picking up their dog’s waste. In all fairness, it can be easy to forget a bag if individuals are in a hurry, running late, or have other things on their mind. The solution for urban dog owners is…

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Making Public Bathrooms User-Friendly

public bathrooms

Families around the world have discovered that few public bathrooms are user-friendly for people with babies and toddlers, despite multiple means of doing so. They present a variety of problems for parents and caregivers. A lack of amenities in pubic bathrooms also affects other individuals that must avail themselves of the facilities. Even fathers have…

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New Year’s Resolution Fitness Craze

gym wipes

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to get fit and lose weight. Gym owners brace themselves every year for the influx of new clients by cleaning and sprucing up their facilities. The solution for cleanliness and preparing for large crowds following a fitness craze is with gym wipes. In today’s atmosphere of…

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Effective Puppy Training Techniques

puppy training techniques

Training a puppy requires patience and should always be performed without punishment. Puppies are very much like toddlers. They want to please their human companions and soak up information like sponges. Positive reinforcement techniques are extremely effective and result in mentally healthy and confident adult dogs. Puppies have short attention spans and animal behavioralists have…

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Quickly Sanitize Gym Equipment with Wipes

gym wipes dispenser

The COVID-19 virus and annual round of seasonal illnesses call for an enhanced level of sanitation, especially for gyms and fitness centers. An easy, efficient and cost-effective way to address viruses, bacteria and even fungal infections is with an ample supply of sanitizing wet wipes. Sanitizing wipe dispensers Sanitizing wipe dispensers can be used throughout…

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Dog Park Necessities

dog park

Dog parks are an increasingly popular amenity for dog parents and their canines. There are essential necessities that should be incorporated into a dog park to keep canines and their human companions happy and safe. Easy Access Location is important for a dog park. It should be easily accessible by residents and located toward the…

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