Diaper Disposal on the Go

Diaper Disposal

One of the most difficult situations with which parents have to contend is diaper disposal on the go. It’s inconvenient and no one wants to subject others to a stinky diaper. That doesn’t even take into consideration disposing of wipes used to clean up the baby. The solution is diaper disposal bags. Diaper disposal bags…

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Best Surface Cleaners for Gyms

gym wipes

Gym owners are faced with dozens of cleaning product choices, all claiming to be the best and most effective. It can be difficult to separate fact from fiction while providing clients with the elevated level of cleanliness that they expect. The ultimate decision on which surface cleaner is best will depend on the gym owner’s…

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Selecting an Air Purifier for Your Home

indoor air quality

Many people that suffer from allergies, respiratory conditions and even cardiovascular disease are turning to portable air filtration systems for their home – commonly known as air purifiers or air sanitizers. Some individuals employ them throughout the house, while others have one only in their bedroom. Air that’s filtered and cleaned actually helps people get…

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Do Pet Waste Stations Work?

Pet waste stations

The short answer is yes. It’s the responsibility of dog owners to clean up after their canines and most individuals are diligent about the task. However, there are times when people are rushed and they forget to take a bag. There are also those that refuse to take care of pet waste under the mistaken…

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Best Service Dog Breeds

service dog

Not every dog is suited to be a service dog, but there are some breeds that are chosen by trainers more often than others. Theoretically, any canine can be a service dog, but potential candidates undergo extensive physical training and they have a high degree of intelligence. Service dogs must also be emotionally and psychologically…

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What is Separation Anxiety?

separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is a very real problem for some canines. It can also create difficulties for a dog’s human companion and neighbors that may be subjected to it second hand. The problem arises when a dog is too dependent on its human caretaker or has been traumatized and is afraid to be left alone. Lack…

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Collar vs. Harness


Most people choose a traditional flat collar for training and walking their dogs. However, an increasing number of individuals are selecting a harness for their dog or opting for both, depending on the situation and the canine. Many people are choosing a dog collar for indoor use and a harness for training or walking their…

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8 Biggest Complaints at the Gym

8 common gym complaints

A visit to the gym is beneficial for physical health and can contribute to mental well-being. Most gym-goers are considerate and respectful, but there are always some whose behavior ranges from merely annoying or really rude to socially unacceptable. There’s little to be done if the gym owner refuses to enforce any applicable rules. The…

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Indoor Pet Station for Urban Dog Owners

Indoor Pet Station

“I forgot to take a bag” is one of the most common excuses for pet owners not picking up their dog’s waste. In all fairness, it can be easy to forget a bag if individuals are in a hurry, running late, or have other things on their mind. The solution for urban dog owners is…

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Making Public Bathrooms User-Friendly

public bathrooms

Families around the world have discovered that few public bathrooms are user-friendly for people with babies and toddlers, despite multiple means of doing so. They present a variety of problems for parents and caregivers. A lack of amenities in pubic bathrooms also affects other individuals that must avail themselves of the facilities. Even fathers have…

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