Signs Your Toddler is Ready to Potty Train

Every parent looks forward to the day that they can begin potty training their toddler. It’s important for parents to be observant and look for signs that their toddler is actually ready for potty training. Initiating it before the child is ready will end in frustration and failure. There’s no “right” time and much will depend on your child. Potty training doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process that takes time. Just remember that your child wants to please you and it’s your job to stay positive, consistent, and provide your toddler with tools for their success. Some toddlers prefer their own potty chair, while others prefer a potty seat. Accommodate their preference for better compliance. You’ll also want to dress your child in clothing that can quickly and easily be removed so they can use the potty. Keep in mind that accidents will happen and children should never be punished for them.

Wet and Dirty Diapers

Parents often realize they’re changing fewer wet diapers than before or their toddler is waking from a nap with a dry diaper. Some toddlers will begin hiding when they urinate or defecate in their diapers. Others may pull at their wet or dirty diaper, while some may discover how to remove their diaper when it’s been soiled. Another sign to look for is when the child’s bowel movements are predictable.

Vocalizing Interest, Intent

When children understand terms for bathroom functions and what the bathroom is for, it may be a good time to begin potty training. Your child may tell you they’re ready to pee or poop, while others may notify you right after they’ve already gone. All of those signs indicate that your toddler is aware of his/her bodily functions.


When your toddler is able to quickly pull down their underwear and pants to access the potty chair, it may be time to begin potty training.  

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