Effective Puppy Training Techniques

Training a puppy requires patience and should always be performed without punishment. Puppies are very much like toddlers. They want to please their human companions and soak up information like sponges. Positive reinforcement techniques are extremely effective and result in mentally healthy and confident adult dogs. Puppies have short attention spans and animal behavioralists have established that an adult canine has an IQ equal to that of a two-year-old human. Individuals can use that knowledge to take advantage of effective puppy training techniques. Commands should be short and to the point so as not to confuse the pup. Never attempt to train a puppy beyond his/her age-comprehension level, keep training sessions short and fun.

Reward System

Rewarding desirable behavior is essential. Some pups respond best to treats, while others may prefer a play session with a favorite toy. The method is used by dog trainers ranging from Brandon McMillan of the Lucky Dog TV show to Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz who trained the family dog of former president Barrack Obama.


This requires the cooperation of a human and/or a dog that’s already trained in the desired behavior. The human may act as the model while the dog owner issues commands. The puppy in training learns by observing the human or dog’s behavior and being rewarded for the desired outcome. Conversely, a “rival” situation can be established in which the puppy or dog learns by mimicking behavior and competing for a treat against another dog.

Relationship Training

An individual’s relationship with their dog is special and in relationship training, the human utilizes the rapport they’ve established with their canine for training purposes. Training begins with the puppy and human in a quiet, controlled atmosphere devoid of distractions. When the desired behavior is achieved, the dog is slowly introduced to environments with distractions while performing commands.

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