Workout Hygiene

Seasonal illnesses are nothing new, but the chances of spreading them during a workout at a favorite gym can be mitigated with a little care and consideration. Individuals will be helping themselves and their families stay healthier, along with protecting others that may have underlying conditions. There are dozens of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections that can be passed among individuals. Workout hygiene is an important part of staying healthy.

Hand Washing

It’s such a simple thing, but frequent hand washing is an effective preventative method. Individuals should wash before and after a workout, use soap, and rub hands for 20 seconds. Drying with a towel or air dryer is fine.


If washing isn’t possible, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. It should contain at least 60 percent alcohol. Apply a small amount and rub it over the backs and palms of both hands and between the fingers until hands are completely dry.


If the gym doesn’t provide dispensers for sanitizing wipes, people should bring their own. Individuals should wipe down mats and equipment before using them and after they’ve finished.


When the workout is completed, be sure to shower as soon as possible, use a clean towel, and put on clean clothes. Wet, sweaty clothes provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Foot Protection

Even with the most stringent cleaning routines, one of the most common infections at gyms and fitness centers is athlete’s foot. People can minimize the potential for contracting the fungus infection by wearing flip-flops or water shoes. Be sure to dry thoroughly between the toes. It’s also helpful to use an antifungal spray.

Personal Items and Wounds

Don’t share any personal item that comes in contact with another person’s skin, hair or could be contaminated. Any type of break in the skin is an additional avenue for infection to enter. Be sure and cover any wound until it’s completely healed.


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