About Crown Products, LLC

Crown Products believes in handling waste the right way. Our convenient waste-disposal bags can be used for either personal or public use, making clean up easier than ever before. Forgive the dirty words, but whether it be dog poop or dirty diapers, we’ve got you covered.

We’re What You Need

From waste disposal bags packaged in personal zip-lock pouches to commercial-sized rolls for refillable dispensers, we provide the sanitation tools you need to keep your community poo-free. We’re pretty confident in our products and we know you will be too once you give them a try. After all, we’re a part of the American Pet Products Association (APPA), and we are always adding new items to our product assortment.

We’re What You Deserve

Sadly, not everyone is great about picking up the mess when Fido leaves a present in the park. Whether it be your neighborhood, apartment complex, beach, or playground, you’ve probably run into some smelly situations. We developed our Poopy Pouch pet waste station, allowing dog owners to easily clean up after their pooches, no matter where they choose to go number two. As the manufacturer, we can safely say our waste stations are made of only the highest quality materials. They make theirs from aluminum; we make ours with galvanized powder-coated steel. These bad boys are meant to last so your community can focus on taking care of their good boys.

Keep the Community Clean

A clean community is a happy community. We offer products ranging from sanitation wipes to doggy bags to make the process just a bit easier. Our team is constantly working to develop better products and create new ones to meet the needs of the modern world. Clean, germ-free, and happy — that’s what Crown Products is all about.



From our Poopy Pouch line of pet waste stations and pet waste bags to our Poopy Doo line for diaper disposal bags and dispenser systems, Crown Products supplies the best and latest in janitorial cleaning products…

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