New Year’s Resolution Fitness Craze

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to get fit and lose weight. Gym owners brace themselves every year for the influx of new clients by cleaning and sprucing up their facilities. The solution for cleanliness and preparing for large crowds following a fitness craze is with gym wipes. In today’s atmosphere of the COVID-19 pandemic and a host of variants that continue to emerge, clients want to ensure that the gym they use is taking steps to maintain a higher standard of cleanliness. Gym wipes help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria, including COVID. It’s an economical solution for gym owners that provides exceptional results between regular and thorough cleanings.

Gym Wipes

A strategically placed supply of gym wipes makes complying with wipe-down protocols a breeze. It also demonstrates to clients that the gym is committed to providing a safe and sanitary environment. Gym wipes are a much better solution for clients and staff rather than having clients wipe down equipment with their towel, which only serves to spread bacteria, fungi and viruses. It’s not just viruses that cause COVID and seasonal infections such as the flu that can be found in gym environments. A study conducted by FitRated took samples from 30 pieces of equipment at three different gyms. The results were surprising.

Kill Bacteria

Even with regular cleaning, exercise bikes, treadmills and free weights were major sources of infection and illness. Free weights were found to have 362 times more bacteria than a toilet seat, treadmills had 74 times more germs than a public water faucet, and gym equipment, in general, has 1 million germs per square inch. Over 70 percent of the bacteria found was potentially harmful and could cause eye, ear and skin infections. Gym owners can ready their gym for the flood of individuals that have made New Year’s resolutions to get healthy by hitting the gym with an ample supply of gym wipes. Wiping down equipment before and after use is an excellent way for individuals to protect themselves against the many bacteria, virus and fungal dangers that can appear in gyms.

At Crown Products, we create high-quality, focused products that, in essence, improve the quality of life for everyone who uses your facilities and public spaces. Visitors benefit from a cleaner space and resources to keep it clean, staff can focus on important maintenance rather than cleaning up litter and waste, and you can enjoy a pristine and appreciated space!

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