Top Safety Tips for Your Dog Park

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Taking your canine to a dog park can be a joyous bonding experience for you both – but safety should always be uppermost in your mind. The following tips can help ensure that everyone, both humans and canines remain safe. Pre-Park Check List Dogs can quickly become overheated in South Florida’s hot and humid climate…

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Where to Buy Pet Waste Stations

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Pet waste stations are providing a clean and eco-friendly solution to the ever-increasing problem of dog waste in cities around the globe. Municipalities have a variety of resources for purchasing the equipment. Pet waste stations are economical, efficient, and are available in different sizes to accommodate the needs of different locales. The following are just…

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Is Your Dog Marking His/Her Territory in Your Home?

Dogs are territorial in nature and communicate to others of their species through urinating on objects. It’s one of the reasons why your dog invests so much time in investigating where other canines have urinated. While acceptable outside, scent marking is a major problem when your dog decides to mark indoors. Un-neutered males are most…

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Keep Your Parks Clean Using Multiple Pet Waste Stations

Dog excrement is creating a major problem for cities throughout the world. Dog waste is a serious health and environmental hazard. South Florida is at particular risk and is already on federal clean up lists. Revealing Studies Multiple studies have shown that a little over 60 percent of people do pick up after their canines.…

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Is Your Neighbor’s Pet Friendly?

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The term friendly can mean many things to different people. Some define friendly as willing to be petted or not prone to biting. Others may describe their neighbor’s dog as friendly when they really mean he/she doesn’t bark all night or dig up their yard. The truth is that some dogs are well-behaved when accompanied…

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Why Pet Waste Stations Should be Mandatory

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but their waste isn’t. Dog feces has become an overwhelming problem around the world, not just in South Florida. Mandatory pet waste stations could solve many of the problems associated with the ever-growing mountain of dog waste. In Florida, 56 percent of all households have at least 1 canine…

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How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog

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Many people bathe their dog to prevent “doggie” smell. It’s more for the benefit of pet parents than the canine. There are multiple factors to consider encompassing the health of the canine, the length of their coat, breed, and their lifestyle. There’s not a single universal schedule for bathing a furry family member. A dog…

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How Dogs Help with Anxiety

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The mental health community has known the power of a pet for decades. They provide love, comfort and support. People have an inborn need for love, companionship and someone with which to share their fears and anxieties. Feeling cared for aids in building confidence and resilience. Dogs provide all of that and more. People experience…

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Challenge Your Dog with Exercise

Dogs need physical exercise and mental stimulation. Pet parents can challenge their four=footed friends with exercise in the form of walks and playtime. Playing with your canine is an excellent bonding experience that’s beneficial for you both. When dogs don’t receive enough mental or physical activity, they become bored and can acquire destructive behaviors. Keep…

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How to Keep a Crowded Gym Germ Free

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Gyms provide an optimal environment for the spread of bacteria, fungi and viral elements – collectively known as germs. Proper hygiene is extremely important in crowded environments. Gym owners have a responsibility to their clients to maintain the facility as germ-free as possible to prevent illnesses that can easily be transmitted to others within the…

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