Dog Park Necessities

Dog parks are an increasingly popular amenity for dog parents and their canines. There are essential necessities that should be incorporated into a dog park to keep canines and their human companions happy and safe.

Easy Access

Location is important for a dog park. It should be easily accessible by residents and located toward the rear of a community. A perfectly flat tract of land isn’t necessary for a dog park – it can contain gravel and slopes. Trees are critical to providing shade and park-type benches allow pet parents to rest.


For the safety of every canine and to prevent potential disagreements with nearby neighbors, it’s essential that the area be fenced in. It should also contain a separate fenced-in area for smaller dogs. It enables them to play and socialize without the need to interact with larger canines. Fencing should be at least 5 ft. high to prevent dogs from jumping over it. Ideally, two gates should be installed with a fenced entry and introduction area. It’s an excellent way to avert potential dog fights.

Running Water

Dogs get hot and thirsty while playing and so do their human companions. A high-low fountain with running water for pets and people is critical. Running water is less likely to spread disease among canines and won’t provide a breeding ground for mosquitos.

Waste Stations

Where there’s a dog park, there will be feces. Pet waste stations with convenient bags help keep the park clean and provide a receptacle for disposing of dog-generated waste. There’s no excuse for not cleaning up after a pet.

Play Equipment

The play equipment for dog parks enables canines to practice their agility skills. Pieces can include tubes to run through, ramps to walk or run up and over, hoops to jump through, modest barriers to jump over, and even weaving posts.

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