New Law Affects Florida Dog Owners

A new dog-related law has been enacted and went into effect on Oct. 1, 2023, in the Sunshine State. The law affects almost everyone and restricts bans targeting certain dogs. It modifies the “dangerous dog”

Law and prevents local governmental entities from banning specific breeds.

Affected Breeds

Canine breeds that will be impacted encompass pit bulls to German shepherds. Municipalities can’t ban a dog based on its weight or size, either. Exceptions

There are exceptions to the legislation. Homeowner associations (HOAs) and private landlords can still enact bans. Prior to the new law, counties could restrict people from owning dogs that were of a certain weight, size, breed, or if there were any safety concerns.

Pros and Cons

Many proponents say bans aren’t effective and the legislation will decrease the number of canines waiting for adoption in shelters. Advocates point to the number of large breeds that are relinquished, abandoned, abused, and must be euthanized as a result of “bully breed” laws.

Others wonder how the change will affect their homeowner’s insurance. Many insurers refused to insure certain breeds. Other insurance companies extended coverage to household with dogs, but charged more in premiums. Another consideration for many is that large breeds produce more waste. They’re concerned about the growing problem of fecal matter.

Waste Problem Solver

A significant amount of the growing dog waste problem can be solved with pet waste stations. Ordinances and fines are already in place for those that don’t clean up their canine’s waste, but enforcement can be difficult. Pet owners object to carrying their dog’s feces back home for disposal and say that trash cans are often full.

Pet waste stations provide a clean, hygienic and convenient solution. Available as receptacle only or models that have receptacles and also dispense bags, they’re a cost effective and easy to install solution for any municipality battling a dog waste problem. They’re appropriate for placement in neighborhoods, dog parks, near canine-friendly businesses, walking trails, and any location where people frequent with their dogs.

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