5 Tips for Choosing a Dog Walker

A dog walker may be an essential part of you and your dog’s daily life. There are multiple factors that you’ll want to consider before hiring someone to walk your canine companion. Choosing the best dog walker for your furry family member should never be taken lightly or done in haste.

Understand the Pricing Scale

Cost will be affected by how many times your dog is walked and if the canine is walked alone or in a group. There are some dogs that don’t do well in group situations. Smaller dogs will typically require more frequent walks to relieve themselves. Young and high-energy canines may need to be walked more often to work off excess energy.

Ask Questions

You’ll want to know the time of day your dog is walked, where, if the dog walker can administer medication if necessary, and their response in an emergency. You’ll also want to know what type of dogs will be in any group session, if the canines they work with are vaccinated, and if dogs are wiped down before they’re let back in the home during rainy conditions.

Hire a Professional

A professional dog walker will be insured, have excellent reviews, and will be happy to provide references. The walker will be part of a licensed business.

You can ask family, friends and coworkers for recommendations. Many animal shelters and veterinary clinics can provide a list of reliable and experienced dog walkers.

Participate in a Test Walk

Go along on a typical walk. You’ll be able to see how the dog walker interacts with the canines in their charge, the area in which they walk, the length of the walk, and if they pick up the dogs’ feces.

Monitor the Walking

It’s sad to say, but there are some unscrupulous dog walkers that don’t walk very far or don’t allow the dog to relieve themselves sufficiently. Daily walks are essential for your dog’s mental and physical health..

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