Blame the Owner, Not the Dog, for Waste in Neighborhoods

Altercations have broken out across the nation over individuals that refuse to pick up their dog’s feces. Some have been a war of words, some people have come to blows, while others advocate violence against canines. It’s time to lay the blame for feces where it belongs – the owners, not the dog.

The majority of dog owners and dog walkers are considerate. They follow the law, clean up after the canines in their care, and deposit messes appropriately. There are some dog owners that are rude, inconsiderate or lazy, the situation is much more complicated.

Reasons Given for No Clean Up

The problem with dog feces arises from several causes, misconceptions and even ignorance. The top reasons why people say they didn’t pick up their dog’s feces are:

  1. 1Forgot a bag
  2. Can’t afford bags
  3. Can’t see the mess at night
  4. Don’t want to do it
  5. Feces break down quickly
  6. It’s natural fertilizer
  7. No nearby trash can
  8. Don’t want to carry a poopy bag home
  9. No one will see it
  10. Physically unable to pick it up

The number of dogs as pets continues to grow and with it the problem of what to do with an ever-increasing volume of dog waste.

A Simple Solution

Pet waste stations can calm the controversy and help make neighborhoods more hygienic. Units are available that are receptacles only for depositing dog waste. However, the better solution is units that are a combination receptacles and bag dispenser. The bag dispensers are refillable and cities can easily implement a pick-up program.

Best Solution Currently Available

Some cities are experimenting with methods that recycle dog waste and turn it into a form of green energy. The technology and techniques are still in their infancy and not ready for widespread implementation. In the meantime, dog waste units are the best solution available. Dogs can’t clean up after themselves. It’s up to people to solve the problem.

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