Can I Deposit My Dog’s Waste in Your Trash Bin?

There’s a debate raging across South Florida that affects every dog owner and individual with a trash bin. The question: Is it okay to put my dog poop in someone else’s trash can? The issue of where to put dog poop is a touchy and one that’s pitting neighbor against neighbor.

The Simple Solution

The hygienic solution is for cities to install pet waste stations. Models are available that have a depository only, models that offer a depository and odor trapping bag dispenser, and indoor pet sanitation stations for home use. The stations are emptied during regular refuse runs, but many community leaders insist it’s an expense the governing body can’t afford.

A Divisive Issue

Potential solutions vary widely. Neighborhoods seem to be evenly divided, with responses ranging from:

  • People should be happy they picked up after their dog at all
  • Others place signs on their trash can stating they don’t have a dog and don’t want dog waste in the trash bin for which they’re paying
  • Some point to the unpleasant aroma as the reason they object
  • Still others admit to using someone else’s trash can, but don’t want other dog owners using the bin they pay for

One Area of Agreement

No one wants to carry a bag of their dog’s waste around until they can find a public trash can. The one thing everyone does agrees on is that it’s critical for people to pick up their dog’s feces. In an informal survey:

  • 3 of every 4 dog owners said they always picked up poop
  • 8 percent said they rarely did
  • 6 percent said they never did.

No Laws Broken

It’s not illegal in Florida to drop your dog’s waste in another person’s trash can. Nor is it illegal to touch a neighbor’s trash can or even go through their trash. However, several cities have civil ordinances against it accompanied by a fine.

No Single Solution

Dog owners suggest that communities install pet waste stations. Others believe that their community should empty public trash cans more often to solve the problem. One thing is for certain – the problem is going to exist far into the future as long as infrastructure isn’t in place to adequately deal with the situation.

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