How to Train a Puppy to Heel

There are basic commands that every puppy needs to learn to help keep them safe and provide a more enjoyable human-canine bond. Training should begin when the puppy is four months old. Consistency is the key to any type of training and individuals should expect the training to take some time. Puppies will make mistakes.…

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Collar vs. Harness


Most people choose a traditional flat collar for training and walking their dogs. However, an increasing number of individuals are selecting a harness for their dog or opting for both, depending on the situation and the canine. Many people are choosing a dog collar for indoor use and a harness for training or walking their…

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Why Dogs Need Exercise

daily dog exercise

Pet parents know their dog needs exercise, but daily exercise does more than just strengthen the body and contribute to physical health. It has a myriad of other benefits of which most individuals aren’t aware. Socialization Canines are naturally social creatures, but to ensure they develop socially, they need to be exposed to a variety…

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The Importance of Walking Your Dog

dog walking

Many people view taking their dog for a walk simply as a way to have them relieve themselves. Walking your dog is important for a variety of reasons for both you and your canine. It’s an ideal time for bonding with your dog and succeeds in getting you both some healthy exercise. It’s essential that…

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Things to Consider When Adopting a Dog

Whether a family is adopting a puppy or an adult dog, it’s not a decision that should be made lightly. A canine will depend on its human family to meet its needs ranging from food to veterinary care. Adopting a dog is a commitment for the canine’s lifetime. Animals are not disposable or accessories. Take…

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