The Importance of Walking Your Dog

Many people view taking their dog for a walk simply as a way to have them relieve themselves. Walking your dog is important for a variety of reasons for both you and your canine. It’s an ideal time for bonding with your dog and succeeds in getting you both some healthy exercise. It’s essential that you understand your dog is reliant upon you for everything. That includes his mental and physical health.

Mental Stimulation

Dogs are much like young children. They require mental stimulation to develop in a healthy manner and to prevent boredom. A bored canine will attempt to find ways to amuse themselves, much like young children, and that can result in some very destructive behaviors. That means you need to introduce your dog to new sights, sounds and smells for their mental health. A walk is an opportunity for dogs to explore the world around them.


Almost everyone has had an encounter with a dog that was poorly socialized. They can be a danger to other pets and people. Walking your dog helps them learn positive social behaviors, boundaries, and gain confidence. They’ll learn how to interact with others and to cope with new situations. Dogs that experience fear, anxiety or trepidation in new environments can benefit from a professional training course.


Walking your dog is essential for physical health, strong muscles and digestive health. Each canine will have their own specific needs based on the breed, size, health, and age. At least 30 minutes of exercise each day is recommended. However, it’s important to understand that young dogs are more energetic and can benefit from longer walks. Canines that have been traditionally bred as working dogs, may require more activity. Older dogs should be allowed to move and exercise at their own pace. Thirty minutes of exercise may be too much for older canines with stiff joints. If you’re fortunate enough to have a fenced in yard, you have other options. Dogs don’t entertain themselves and playing with them inside your fenced in space is an excellent way to bond, get them exercise, and tire them out. Depending upon your work schedule, you may also want to consider hiring a dog walker or investing in doggy daycare.

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