Collar vs. Harness

Most people choose a traditional flat collar for training and walking their dogs. However, an increasing number of individuals are selecting a harness for their dog or opting for both, depending on the situation and the canine. Many people are choosing a dog collar for indoor use and a harness for training or walking their dog.


A traditional flat dog collar is adequate for dog walking and provides a ring upon which to affix the canine’s rabies and ID tag should he or she become lost. Flat collars are great for dogs that know how to walk on a leash and it requires less physical strength for a person to control the dog.

It’s imperative that a collar fits correctly. Too loose and it will slip over the dog’s head. Too tight and it will cause the dog pain. For a proper fit, people should be able to slip one finger between the collar and the dog if it’s a small breed or two fingers for larger canines. It’s important to know that if the dog pulls or doesn’t know how to walk on a leash, a collar can damage the canine’s throat or spine.


A harness is especially beneficial for puppies learning to walk on a leash, dogs that pull, and for preventing canines from slipping their collar. Since a harness doesn’t put pressure on the dog’s neck, the risk of damaging the throat or spine is eliminated. Another advantage is that leashes don’t get tangled around the legs of canines or their humans.

The downside is that a harness will require more physical strength on the part of the human to control a dog wearing a harness if the dog pulls and may even encourage a canine to try to pull their human companion. It’s vitally important that the harness fits well or the dog can wiggle out of it. A harness requires more effort to put on the dog than a collar and it can be uncomfortable for the dog in hot weather.

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