Improve Mental Health with Physical Exercise

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“Get some exercise” has almost become a standard prescription from health care professionals to their patients. While exercise is beneficial for weight control and a wide range of diseases and disorders, few individuals understand the positive effect exercise has on their mental health. Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous, exhausting, a chore, regimented, or involve…

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Public Bathroom Essentials

There have definitely been improvements in the amenities available in public restrooms, but there’s still a long way to go. There are many things over which individuals have no control, such as how often toilet tissue and soap are replenished, but are essential for any public bathroom. Cleanliness is critical and as a greater awareness…

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Surface Wipes are Convenient Germ Killers

gym wipes

A greater awareness in communicable viral, fungal and bacterial illnesses has changed the way many individuals prepare even for a short trip to the supermarket. Pre-moistened antibacterial wipes for surfaces have become one of the most highly sought products on the market and an essential item for any family. The wipes are convenient and provide…

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The Dirtiest Things at your Gym

People touch a lot of things when they’re in the gym and it can be difficult for you to ensure cleanliness without a stringent routine. Keeping surfaces clean is difficult enough, but maintaining an elevated level of hygiene is more challenging during the winter months when bacteria, fungi, and viruses can be more prevalent. To…

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Cleaning High Touch Surfaces Efficiently

Whether it’s in stores, gyms, schools or homes, cleaning high-touch surfaces is essential – even when there’s not a pandemic. There are a number of surfaces that are routinely touched each day and all that cleaning can be time-consuming. People need to ensure they’re disinfecting quickly, yet efficiently. All cleaners aren’t created equal and one…

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