Improve Mental Health with Physical Exercise

“Get some exercise” has almost become a standard prescription from health care professionals to their patients. While exercise is beneficial for weight control and a wide range of diseases and disorders, few individuals understand the positive effect exercise has on their mental health.

Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous, exhausting, a chore, regimented, or involve a gym. The secret to exercise that an individual will happily pursue as often as possible is to identify something they enjoy doing. Even moderate levels of activity are advantageous. Individuals should consult their physician before starting any exercise.

People should fit the exercise to their physical ability. The good news is that as people get more exercise, they become better able to participate in more physical endeavors. Activities encompassing walking, horseback riding, disc golf, Frisbee, badminton, Pilates, yoga, swimming, and water aerobics are all options.

Mood Enhancer

Exercise is a mood enhancer for the body. It stimulates the body to release its own “feel good” hormones that stimulate a sense of positivity and wellbeing in the brain. The effect is very similar to the sensation provided by morphine.

Cognition and Memory

People that exercise have the added benefit of improved cognitive function, memory and concentration. Individuals that exercise also experience the ability to process information more efficiently. Decision-making is improved when physical activity is added.

Depression, Anxiety, Stress & ADHD

More than 17 million people in the U.S. suffer from depression. 40 million people experience anxiety and approximately 6 percent of the population have been diagnosed with ADHD. Stress is affecting more people than ever before. Exercise is proven to be effective for all of those conditions, but it’s a therapy that’s largely overlooked and ignored.

Confidence and Sleep

Trying new things, even physical activities, increases self-esteem, body image, and confidence. Exercise also helps people sleep deeper and obtain a more restful slumber. It’s relaxing for the body and mind.


Whether the pain is mental or physical, exercise helps people manage and deal with pain more effectively. The chemicals the body releases during exercise act as a sedative, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory.

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