Cleaning High Touch Surfaces Efficiently

Whether it’s in stores, gyms, schools or homes, cleaning high-touch surfaces is essential – even when there’s not a pandemic. There are a number of surfaces that are routinely touched each day and all that cleaning can be time-consuming. People need to ensure they’re disinfecting quickly, yet efficiently.

All cleaners aren’t created equal and one of the first things to acquire is a cleaner that disinfects and sanitizes. It should be equally effective against viruses and bacteria. At the very least, high-touch surfaces should be wiped down with a cleaner to minimize the spread of germs and alcohol is a good alternative. Environmentally-friendly formulas are also available and while they won’t necessarily disinfect, they will remove germs.

High-touch surfaces encompass things that people touch multiple times throughout the day. In homes, focus on daily disinfecting of items such as remote controls, light switches, refrigerator handles and doorknobs, sinks and toilets, countertops and cabinet handles, along with phones, keyboards, and tablets. Individuals should always wear gloves when they’re cleaning and dispose of them when they’re done. Wash hands thoroughly after removing gloves.

Soft surfaces such as drapes should be laundered as appropriate and it’s a good idea to invest in a steam cleaner for carpeting. Some materials, such as cloth coverings on furniture, can be lightly misted with a disinfectant. Be aware that some products may affect materials adversely.

There are multiple types of premade formulas for electronics such as phones, tablets, remote controls, keyboards, and TV screens that will clean them without causing harm. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but if no directions are provided, a spray containing 70 percent alcohol will suffice. Apply cleaning solutions to a cloth for cleaning electronics.

It’s a good idea to wear gloves when sorting and handling clothing and linens. Don’t shake dirty clothes as it can facilitate the spread of bacteria and viruses. Launder in the warmest temperature possible – and don’t forget to disinfect clothes hampers.

Whether it’s flu season or people are immersed in a worldwide pandemic, one of the most important things individuals can do to help mitigate the spread of illnesses at any time is to wash their hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds. In the absence of soap, use a hand sanitizer.

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