Surface Wipes are Convenient Germ Killers

A greater awareness in communicable viral, fungal and bacterial illnesses has changed the way many individuals prepare even for a short trip to the supermarket. Pre-moistened antibacterial wipes for surfaces have become one of the most highly sought products on the market and an essential item for any family.

The wipes are convenient and provide an effective way to sanitize surfaces ranging from restroom changing tables to grocery cart handles. They’re available in large containers for homes, businesses and offices. Surface wipes are also offered in smaller take-along packets that can be tucked in a pocket, purse or carry-on bag.

It’s important to understand that not all surface wipes will kill the virus, fungi or bacteria that individuals are trying to mitigate. Individuals need to read product labels to determine if a particular brand’s formula is effective for specific pathogens.

Consumers also have traditional or botanical options when choosing their surface wipes. Traditional wipes with which most people are familiar utilize a chemical formula to kill germs. Individuals can also choose from wipes created with botanicals that can be equally effective for eradicating germs.

There are also different wipes for different types of surfaces. The wipes used to disinfect countertops or light switches aren’t appropriate for cleaning phones, keyboards or touch pads. Some are drippy, while others are dry. For instance, phones can be cleaned with antibacterial wipes, but they should be the dry type. Moisture is detrimental to phones and surface wipes designed for a counter can damage screens.

Wiping down surfaces in homes, at work, and when out in public is an effective way to mitigate a wide variety of illness-causing bacteria, fungi and viruses. Choose wipes appropriate for the task at hand and the surface on which it will be used. Pre-moistened wipes are convenient and good for most tasks. Just make sure they don’t leave lint behind and don’t tear easily.

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