New to the Gym? Basic Gym Etiquette

Millions of people make their first trip to a gym each year. Basic rules may or may not be posted, but there are rules for basic etiquette at the gym. To ensure individuals don’t run afoul of the gym’s rules or annoy others, the following is basic etiquette that those new to the environment should be aware.

Wipe Down Equipment

It’s a common courtesy to wipe down gym equipment after you use it. That goes for everything from hand weights to high-tech equipment. It’s also a good idea to wipe it down before you use it. If the gym doesn’t supply antibacterial wipes, find another gym.

Put Away Weights

Failure to put away weights and similar equipment appropriately is rude and presents a safety hazard to others. If it was out of place when you got it and don’t know where it belongs, ask a gym employee. In the case of weight plates, leaving them on the bar indicates its in use and prevents others from using it. Dropping weights can result in an injury to you, nearby individuals, and damage to equipment. You may have a favorite piece of equipment, but don’t hog it and prevent others from using it. Depending upon the size of the gym, equipment may be limited and everyone deserves a chance to use all the facilities.


Talking at the gym isn’t forbidden, but many others simply want to focus on their workout without interruption. A set of headphones or earbuds is a good indication that an individual isn’t open to conversation. If you do strike up a conversation, don’t do so when someone is in the middle of their set – wait until they’re done. Don’t forget to modulate your vocal volume. No one appreciates those that are loud. Individuals work in close quarters in a gym and it’s imperative that everyone respect personal space. Don’t work out too close to others.

No Phone

Leave the phone alone when at the gym. Attention should be focused on the task at hand without distractions. If you must take a phone call, don’t sit on equipment while you talk. It prevents others from using it.

Easy on Scents

Perfumes and men’s colognes have a time and place, but not at the gym. The enclosed spaces can amplify scents to which others may be allergic. Clean oxygen availability is critical while working out and scents inhibit that. Don’t forget to pay attention to personal hygiene to minimize body odor.

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