How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog

leash your dog

Many people bathe their dog to prevent “doggie” smell. It’s more for the benefit of pet parents than the canine. There are multiple factors to consider encompassing the health of the canine, the length of their coat, breed, and their lifestyle. There’s not a single universal schedule for bathing a furry family member. A dog…

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How Dogs Help with Anxiety

separation anxiety

The mental health community has known the power of a pet for decades. They provide love, comfort and support. People have an inborn need for love, companionship and someone with which to share their fears and anxieties. Feeling cared for aids in building confidence and resilience. Dogs provide all of that and more. People experience…

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Challenge Your Dog with Exercise

Dogs need physical exercise and mental stimulation. Pet parents can challenge their four=footed friends with exercise in the form of walks and playtime. Playing with your canine is an excellent bonding experience that’s beneficial for you both. When dogs don’t receive enough mental or physical activity, they become bored and can acquire destructive behaviors. Keep…

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How to Keep a Crowded Gym Germ Free

gym wipes

Gyms provide an optimal environment for the spread of bacteria, fungi and viral elements – collectively known as germs. Proper hygiene is extremely important in crowded environments. Gym owners have a responsibility to their clients to maintain the facility as germ-free as possible to prevent illnesses that can easily be transmitted to others within the…

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City Style Pet Waste Stations

The majority of dog owners are considerate to others and clean up after their four-footed friends. However, dog feces are an ever-increasing problem for large cities. An easy and effective solution are city style pet waste stations that provide convenient bags and a receptacle for disposal of feces. Pet waste stations are applicable anywhere there…

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Easily Manage Diaper Odor with Diaper Bags

Poopy Diapers

Everyone has entered a public restroom, only to be assailed by the unpleasant odor associated with a dirty diaper. Parents and caretakers of young children may be sympathetic to the situation, but that doesn’t make it any easier on the nose of others. Dirty diapers and baby wipes that are simply thrown in the trash…

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Keep Your Nursery Smelling Fresh with Diaper Disposal Bags

Even though your nursery is full of sweet-smelling baby products, it can still become an odiferous maelstrom from odors originating from dirty diapers. Unfortunately, those unpleasant smells don’t stay in the nursery and can permeate the entire house. It’s a situation that can easily be remedied with diaper disposal bags. Many parents use the bags…

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How Pets Can Help with Anxiety


Pets provide people with unconditional love and they’re important for physical and mental health. More people than ever before are experiencing anxiety that can vary widely in scope and severity. Pets alleviate loneliness, depression and anxiety, along with feelings of loneliness and isolation from multiple sources. Having a pet to care for allows individuals to…

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How to Choose a Gym That Works for You

gym cleanliness

There are many types of gyms and everyone has a vision of their perfect facility. Finding the gym that works best for you is a highly personal choice. You’ll want to consider what the gym offers, amenities, and your budget. The following are some essential elements to consider when searching for the gym that’s best…

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Top 5 Signs Your Neighborhood is Pet Friendly

If you’re a dog parent, you definitely want to live in a neighborhood where you and your canine feel comfortable and welcome. There are multiple ways in which a community can contribute to that. The following are the top 5 signs that your neighborhood is pet friendly. Abundant Canines If you see numerous dogs out…

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