Top Safety Tips for Your Dog Park

Taking your canine to a dog park can be a joyous bonding experience for you both – but safety
should always be uppermost in your mind. The following tips can help ensure that everyone,
both humans and canines remain safe.
Pre-Park Check List
Dogs can quickly become overheated in South Florida’s hot and humid climate whether they’re
playing or not. You’ll need to ascertain if there’s adequate shade and a place where your dog
can get a cool drink and rehydrate.
Also consider if the dog park is plain dirt or grassy. You could track home a considerable amount
of dirt. You’ll encounter any number of other dogs at the park, many of which may not be
vaccinated. Be sure your canine is current with all vaccines. You may want to visit the park
during off-peak hours.
The dog park should have a separate area for puppies to play away from adult dogs, and an
area reserved for smaller adult dogs. As a rule, pups shouldn’t be exposed to a dog park until
they’re 6 mos. old. A doggy daycare may be a great alternative.
The Basics
Your dog should know basic commands before attending the park. Don’t bring toys as they can
instigate a fight between dogs. Know and be aware of dog body language of the canines around
you. Know when to leave – tired dogs are more likely to be testy, aggressive and start fights.
Take your phone with you, but leave it in your pocket. Your dog deserves your undivided
Be Ready
Every dog park has a set of conduct rules – adhere to them. Pick up your dog’s excrement and
bring a bag with your pet’s water dish, a bottle of water, treats and leash, along with a first aid
kit, towel and extra poop bags.

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