Top Safety Tips for Your Dog Park

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Taking your canine to a dog park can be a joyous bonding experience for you both – but safety should always be uppermost in your mind. The following tips can help ensure that everyone, both humans and canines remain safe. Pre-Park Check List Dogs can quickly become overheated in South Florida’s hot and humid climate…

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Keep Your Parks Clean Using Multiple Pet Waste Stations

Dog excrement is creating a major problem for cities throughout the world. Dog waste is a serious health and environmental hazard. South Florida is at particular risk and is already on federal clean up lists. Revealing Studies Multiple studies have shown that a little over 60 percent of people do pick up after their canines.…

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Why Pet Waste Stations Should be Mandatory

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but their waste isn’t. Dog feces has become an overwhelming problem around the world, not just in South Florida. Mandatory pet waste stations could solve many of the problems associated with the ever-growing mountain of dog waste. In Florida, 56 percent of all households have at least 1 canine…

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How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog

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Many people bathe their dog to prevent “doggie” smell. It’s more for the benefit of pet parents than the canine. There are multiple factors to consider encompassing the health of the canine, the length of their coat, breed, and their lifestyle. There’s not a single universal schedule for bathing a furry family member. A dog…

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Keep Your Nursery Smelling Fresh with Diaper Disposal Bags

Even though your nursery is full of sweet-smelling baby products, it can still become an odiferous maelstrom from odors originating from dirty diapers. Unfortunately, those unpleasant smells don’t stay in the nursery and can permeate the entire house. It’s a situation that can easily be remedied with diaper disposal bags. Many parents use the bags…

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Outdoor Amenities That Make Neighborhoods More Desirable

When people think of moving into a new neighborhood, there’s a range of amenities they seek that support their lifestyle. Individuals want a clean neighborhood and that takes on even more importance if they have children or pets. Modern buyers and renters are seeking areas that are within easy walking distance of the things they…

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Flea Season in Florida

Pet parents in Florida don’t get a break from flea season due to the state’s subtropical climate. Fleas in Florida breed and multiple year-round. They’re at their most active during hot and humid summer months, but fleas have no off-season in Florida. Fleas can also carry disease. They can carry and transmit the bacteria Yersinia…

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Signs Your Apartment Complex is Dog Friendly

Many apartment complexes allow pets or claim to be dog compatible, but they’re not really pet-friendly. If you have a dog, there are things to look for that will tell you if the complex will be a good place for you and your canine companion to live. Many landlords advertise that they allow pets, but…

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Do Pet Waste Stations Work?

Pet waste stations

The short answer is yes. It’s the responsibility of dog owners to clean up after their canines and most individuals are diligent about the task. However, there are times when people are rushed and they forget to take a bag. There are also those that refuse to take care of pet waste under the mistaken…

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Controlling Dog Waste with Waste Stations

pet waste stations

Controlling the amount of dog waste, particularly in city environments, is becoming an increasingly concerning issue. Pet waste has a variety of negative impacts on people and pets, soil and water supplies, and wildlife. The solution is simple, though often overlooked – pet waste stations. Establishing the stations isn’t just for placement in neighborhoods. They’re…

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