The Ultimate Gift Guide for Dogs

Toys can play an integral part in your dog’s physical and mental health. They also provide a fun way to bond with your canine. There are dozens of new toy options on the market ranging from the classic ball or rope toys to tech options.

“Silent” Squeaky Toy

While silent to humans, the toy emits a sound that’s detectable by a dog’s sensitive ears. It’s not recommended for dogs that are committed chewers and routinely destroy toys.

Doggie Goggles

People are taking their canines with them on adventures, whether it’s a walk in the forest to riding on their motorcycle. Doggie goggles are designed for dogs to protect their eyes. They’re beneficial for dogs that think wildlife are toys and they’re equally beneficial for those with eye problems.

Treat Ball

These are called by different names, depending on the manufacturer. Treats are placed in the ball and the dog has to roll or drop the ball for it to release a treat. It’s a learning experience for the dog. Some models allow you to adjust the difficulty level and there are different size balls to accommodate dog size.