The Many Positives of Adding Pet Waste Stations

The majority of dog owners are responsible, courteous, and clean up after their pets. However, that still leaves a mountain of dog feces to dispose of each year. Many cities, communities and neighborhoods are addressing the problem by installing pet waste stations and their installation comes with a variety of positive aspects.


Pet feces can be a vector for multiple types of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. While most pathogens will affect other canines, some can infect cats, wildlife and even people. Feces pose a serious bio-hazard. Pet stations help reduce the spread of parasites and disease.

Environmental Contamination

Solid pet waste doesn’t dissolve in the rain and can take months to degrade, all while polluting the soil. When it rains, feces are typically washed into waterways to become a source of contamination that can cause serious illness in people, pets, fish and wildlife. It also stimulates algae growth. A waste station is a sanitary solution to prevent contamination of natural resources.

Recreational Facilities

Parks and trails are a favorite venue for dog walking and many individuals mistakenly believe no harm will be done if feces are left in those areas. Dog feces are not fertilizer – they’re acidic and kill grass and plants. Pet waste stations keep recreational facilities clean for everyone to enjoy.

It’s the Law

Many municipalities have established laws that require individuals to clean up after their canine and those mandates typically extend to the owner’s yard in communities governed by HOAs. Even if no signage is displayed, the presence of pet waste stations provides a constant reminder to individuals. Stations are available that are waste disposal receptacles only and models are offered that also dispense bags for clean-up.

Less Mess

Dog feces that are left behind are a smelly mess that other people can step in. It ruins shoes, clothing, and gets tracked onto sidewalks and into vehicles and homes. Pet waste stations reduce the potential for messy, smelly clean-ups and make entire communities a safer and cleaner place to live.

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