Wall Wipe Dispensers for Your Workplace

wall wipe dispenser

If you’re a business owner, you’ve learned the value of keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer on hand, but there’s an easier way to maintain a healthy workplace. From gyms and toy stores to offices and supermarkets, a wall wipe dispenser provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative to endless bottles of hand sanitizer setting throughout…

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Ways to Keep Your Office Space Sanitized

office space sanatized

Office spaces have been a major source of germs, fungi and viruses for years due to the close proximity in which individuals work. Business owners can attest to how quickly seasonal illnesses can spread among employees, the associated healthcare costs, and the loss of productivity that ensues. The COVID-19 pandemic brought into sharp focus the…

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Surface Wipes are Convenient Germ Killers

gym wipes

A greater awareness in communicable viral, fungal and bacterial illnesses has changed the way many individuals prepare even for a short trip to the supermarket. Pre-moistened antibacterial wipes for surfaces have become one of the most highly sought products on the market and an essential item for any family. The wipes are convenient and provide…

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Cleaning High Touch Surfaces Efficiently

Whether it’s in stores, gyms, schools or homes, cleaning high-touch surfaces is essential – even when there’s not a pandemic. There are a number of surfaces that are routinely touched each day and all that cleaning can be time-consuming. People need to ensure they’re disinfecting quickly, yet efficiently. All cleaners aren’t created equal and one…

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