How to Train a Puppy to Heel

There are basic commands that every puppy needs to learn to help keep them safe and provide a more enjoyable human-canine bond. Training should begin when the puppy is four months old. Consistency is the key to any type of training and individuals should expect the training to take some time. Puppies will make mistakes.…

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How to Train Your Puppy to Use a Potty Pad

Potty training is an essential skill for puppies to learn. It prevents unwelcome accidents, damage to property, and unwanted clean ups. Puppies have small bladders and won’t have the ability to “hold it” for very long. Potty pads, also known as puppy pads and pee pads, help young canines learn where and how to relieve…

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Effective Puppy Training Techniques

puppy training techniques

Training a puppy requires patience and should always be performed without punishment. Puppies are very much like toddlers. They want to please their human companions and soak up information like sponges. Positive reinforcement techniques are extremely effective and result in mentally healthy and confident adult dogs. Puppies have short attention spans and animal behavioralists have…

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