How to Train Your Puppy to Use a Potty Pad

Potty training is an essential skill for puppies to learn. It prevents unwelcome accidents, damage to property, and unwanted clean ups. Puppies have small bladders and won’t have the ability to “hold it” for very long. Potty pads, also known as puppy pads and pee pads, help young canines learn where and how to relieve themselves until they’re old enough to go outside.

Puppy pads are plastic-backed squares that have an absorbent gauze front. They’re available in different sizes, the most common of which is 24 by 24 inches. That size is great for puppies and the pads go up to sizes of 24 by 35 inches for larger puppies, enabling pet parents to increase the size as needed to accommodate the puppy’s growth.

A package of potty pads is offered in various sizes and in scented and unscented varieties. Some contain a thin layer of gel that absorbs liquid. The pads are treated with a scent undetectable to humans, but obvious to the keen sense of smell canines possess. They make the house-training process easier and clean ups are a breeze – just throw soiled pads in the trash.

To begin potty training, choose a place for the puppy pad that’s quiet and out of the way, but not so far or hidden where the pup will have problems locating it. Wherever you decide to place the pad is where you’ll need to place it each time. Consistency is a key ingredient for training puppies. Take them to the pad and let them sniff to become acquainted with it.

Puppies will usually need to relieve themselves approximately every two hours. Try to anticipate when your canine will need to relieve themselves. Place the puppy on the pad to see if they need to go. Bring them back to the pad several times if they wander off.

Try using a phrase such as “go potty” when they’re placed on the pad. When they use the pad, praise them and/or reward them with a treat. Watch for signs of sniffing around the floor instead of playing. It can be a good sign that the pup needs to relieve themselves. Place them on the pad. Consistency and kindness are the keys to successfully house training any puppy.

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