What are the Clingiest Dog Breeds?

Some dogs can occupy themselves perfectly well while pet parents are at work. Other breeds will cry every time their humans leave and people will find their canine constantly underfoot. Individuals should know that some breeds cling like plastic wrap to their humans. Vizsla A Hungarian breed, they want to be at their human’s side…

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How to Choose a Pool Float for Your Dog

Some people want their canines to participate in summer swimming pool activities and provide pool floats for them to rest upon. Choosing a pool floatie for your dog should be done carefully to ensure their safety. It’s absolutely critical that an exit strategy is available should an accident occur and never leave your dog unattended…

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Dog Park Necessities

dog park

Dog parks are an increasingly popular amenity for dog parents and their canines. There are essential necessities that should be incorporated into a dog park to keep canines and their human companions happy and safe. Easy Access Location is important for a dog park. It should be easily accessible by residents and located toward the…

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Pet Waste Stations Encourage Residents to Clean Up

pet waste stations

Neighborhoods are often plagued by a few inconsiderate dog owners that have multiple excuses for not cleaning up after their canine. Even if no amount of shaming notices or fines alter their behavior, installing a pet waste station will encourage other residents to clean up after their dog. Pet waste stations are available as stand-alone…

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