How to Choose a Pool Float for Your Dog

Some people want their canines to participate in summer swimming pool activities and provide pool floats for them to rest upon. Choosing a pool floatie for your dog should be done carefully to ensure their safety. It’s absolutely critical that an exit strategy is available should an accident occur and never leave your dog unattended in or near the pool. Make sure your canine always wears a life jacket, even with a floatie.


The safety of your canine friend should always be your primary concern. Always review the features of a floatie before buying. Some dogs love water, while others are extremely nervous about being surrounded by an aquatic environment. Don’t force your dog onto a floatie if they’re afraid. It will create stress for them and undermine their trust in you. Never leave the floatie in the pool when not in use.


Choosing a floatie shape that’s stable and won’t easily tip over is a priority. It should also have bolstered edges to minimize the potential for spills. There are plastic and rubber floaties from which to choose, along with those made of foam that typically provide better buoyancy. Stability is especially important if your dog is nervous around water.


Make sure the floatie has a weight limit compatible with your dog. A floatie that’s too light or too heavy can flip or prevent them from climbing on it and endanger your dog. Dogs can also swallow water if they fall into the pool and it can make them ill.


Dogs can easily puncture a floatie with their nails, even when they’re regularly trimmed. PVC floaties are more easily punctured than those made of foam. Many floaties are puncture resistant, but that doesn’t mean it’s impervious to claws.


Your dog’s size will be an important factor when choosing a floatie. Be sure the device is adequate in size for your dog to recline and lay down without falling off.

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