Are Dog Waste Bags Environmentally Friendly?

Dog owners know they have to clean up their dog’s feces and an increasing number of canine owners are questioning the environmental friendliness of their dog waste bags. The answer depends on the ingredients from which it’s manufactured. Some are simply plastic bags designed to contain waste until it can be disposed of properly. Other…

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Ways to Make Your Neighborhood Pet Friendly

In the U.S., statics from the American Veterinary Medical Association show that 38.4 percent of Americans have at least one dog, accounting for 48,255,314 households. The majority of those households are in city and urban environments and there are numerous ways in which you can make your neighborhood pet friendly. Pets Welcome Where applicable, businesses…

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Controlling Dog Waste with Waste Stations

pet waste stations

Controlling the amount of dog waste, particularly in city environments, is becoming an increasingly concerning issue. Pet waste has a variety of negative impacts on people and pets, soil and water supplies, and wildlife. The solution is simple, though often overlooked – pet waste stations. Establishing the stations isn’t just for placement in neighborhoods. They’re…

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Adding Pet Waste Stations Increases Owner Compliance

Pet waste stations

Most people with dogs are considerate and pick up after their canines. However, there are always a few that don’t for any number of reasons. Installing pet waste stations is an incentive to take responsibility and increases compliance. Pet waste stations are available in two styles. One is a waste receptacle, while the second type…

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