Ways to Make Your Neighborhood Pet Friendly

In the U.S., statics from the American Veterinary Medical Association show that 38.4 percent of Americans have at least one dog, accounting for 48,255,314 households. The majority of those households are in city and urban environments and there are numerous ways in which you can make your neighborhood pet friendly.

Pets Welcome

Where applicable, businesses can display signs indicating that pets are welcome. As part of that, businesses can keep a jar of dog treats on hand and even offer a pet bowl of fresh water where canines can get a drink. Many neighborhoods are even creating “welcome to the neighborhood” baskets for pet owners filled with treats and coupons from local businesses.

Dog Parks

A dog park, or even an area where dog owners can meet and walk their canines, is a valuable service that will be appreciated by people and their dogs. It’s an important way that pet parents can meet others, socialize and help their dogs obtain essential exercise.

Pet Services

Many neighborhoods, and individual businesses, are partnering with local veterinarians, groomers and dog walkers to hold monthly events. Mobile grooming, licensing, vaccination, and low-cost spay/neuter services are available at the events and provide an opportunity for busy individuals to arrange for pet walking services.

Pet Waste Stations

Keeping the neighborhood free of dog feces is essential. Installing pet waste stations facilitates that goal. The stations are available in models that provide receptacle-only units to deposit pet waste, while others combine a receptacle with a bag dispenser for picking up waste.


Many neighborhoods and communities have passed laws and ordinances about picking up pet waste that can carry a hefty fine. Be sure that signage posting the ordinance and fine amounts are clearly placed in the area. Pet waste stations are particularly important in these instances.

Remove Barriers

One of the primary reasons that dogs are surrendered to shelters is an inability for their owners to find pet-friendly housing. Work to make pet-friendly housing more available in the neighborhood.

Strengthen Laws

While most people are responsible pet owners, there’s still a significant portion of the population that tether their dogs outside for long periods and don’t provide sufficient food, water, shelter or shade for their canines. Work to establish laws that spell out exactly what is expected of pet owners and the consequences of breaking those laws.

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