Are Dog Waste Bags Environmentally Friendly?

Dog owners know they have to clean up their dog’s feces and an increasing number of canine owners are questioning the environmental friendliness of their dog waste bags. The answer depends on the ingredients from which it’s manufactured. Some are simply plastic bags designed to contain waste until it can be disposed of properly. Other types of bags are actually biodegradable.

Pet waste is an environmental problem around the world. Many pet waste bags use polyethylene resins that don’t degrade or decompose. With more cities banning single use plastics of many types, using this type of bag can present a problem for many dog owners.


The important difference is that biodegradable options are manufactured with plant-based resins that can include corn and cornstarch to vegetable oil and other types of compostable polymers. The bags may also use a variety of vegetable matter and/or recycled materials in their manufacture.


Environmentally friendly pet waste bags are made to break down over time given the right set of conditions – usually exposure to water. Without that exposure, feces can become “mummified” and remain intact by the time the bag has decomposed.

Other Options

Many pet parents are turning to newspaper to pick up their canine’s waste, which is highly recyclable and biodegradable. Others are choosing scoopers and similar devices to collect waste and dispose of it in community trash containers.

Composting dog waste in compost piles is not recommended due to the potential for the spread of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. However, they’re accepted by many cities for landfills.

A relatively new option on the market are devices for indoor use that have a tray to catch urine and a pad that resembles grass. They’re primarily used by city dwellers with small dogs, but larger indoor “bathrooms” are also available.

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