Microplastics Found in Dogs

Much has been written about the dangers of microplastics and you should know that the microscopic particles have been found in the digestive system of canines. Multiple studies of pet food and pet feces found high levels of microplastics.

Potential Sources

Researchers postulate that microplastics are ingested when dogs chew on items encompassing hard toys, tennis balls, nylon toys, and eating from plastic food dishes. However, there are other ways that microplastics can enter a dog’s body. Scientists theorize that many ordinary products shed microplastics as they’re used. Pets can inhale the tiny particles from polyester carpeting fibers to the clothing we wear. Microplastic beads are even used in health and beauty products.

Disruptive Chemicals

Microplastics can result in health concerns and exacerbate existing health conditions. They have the ability to interfere with the proper working of the gut and intestinal tract. The chemicals contained in a wide variety of plastic items and synthetic materials are disruptive to hormones in the body. Microplastics can affect neurological, metabolic and reproductive functions.

Microplastics are Everywhere

Microplastics are particles smaller than 5 millimeters and they’re everywhere in the environment. When items such as plastic jars and bottles degrade, microplastics can leach into soil, water and air. Synthetic materials can lose microparticles through normal use.

The chemicals include those added to fabric to make it wrinkle-resistant and plastics used to package everything from human mouthwash to wet and dry pet food and treats.

The Takeaway

You can’t protect your pet from microplastics. They’re too prevalent in modern manufacturing. You need to look carefully at the toys you choose for your dog and you might want to consider switching to stainless steel food and water dishes. The modern world utilizes plastics for a variety of needs. You just have to be vigilant and aware of the potential for health problems.

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