How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Dog

The vast majority of dogs like toys of any kind, while others may be pickier about their playthings. There are several considerations to keep in mind when choosing toys for your canine. Many dog toys are marketed to be visually appealing to you, not your canine companions.

Size Does Matter

Toys should match the size of the dog. A ball or furry toy that will fit in the mouth of a Great Dane is completely inappropriate for a corgi or chihuahua. Conversely, a toy designed for a small canine poses a choking risk for a larger dog. If swallowed, they can lodge in the intestines and require surgical removal.

Ribbons and Bows

Dogs don’t care about the ribbons, bows, eyes and strings attached to a toy. They can easily be chewed off and ingested. Remove any of those items from a toy or avoid buying them. Your dog may seem entranced with a squeaky toy, but the squeaker also poses a potential risk as they can be chewed out of the toy and swallowed.

Toys by Age

Puppies tend to prefer rubber toys that can be chewed upon, especially when teething. Choose sturdier toys for adult canines. That can include harder rubber balls or rope toys. Senior dogs are often more partial to softer toys that are easier on their mouth and more comfortable to carry.

Personal Preferences

What may seem like an ideal toy from a human perspective may not be appealing to a canine. Dogs definitely have toy preferences that are reliant on a variety of factors ranging from breed to personality. Some dogs like toys of any type, while others aren’t interested in toys at all unless it involves play time with their humans. Don’t be surprised if it takes several purchases to arrive at a toy that captures your dog’s attention.


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