How to Choose a Great Pet Sitter

When most people hear the term pet sitter, they automatically think of someone to look after their dog. Pet sitters also care for cats, hamsters, and a wide variety of other animal species that people keep as companions. They’re important members of the family and selecting a pet sitter is a major decision for the individual and their pet, as they’ll be living in the home during the owner’s absence.

A pet sitter is essentially a surrogate for the client. They’re responsible for all facets of the care and safety of the animal while their human companion is away. They provide a reassuring human presence so the pet doesn’t need to leave their familiar territory. The sitter may also provide basic services around the house.

Pick a Professional

The pet sitter should be insured for liability encompassing the care, custody, and control of the animal for which they’re responsible. Don’t be shy about calling the pet sitter’s insurer to verify they have current coverage. Always meet with the pet sitter beforehand and observe the interaction between the individual and the pet.


The pet sitter should be willing to provide the contact information for references of past clients. Don’t hesitate to contact them. There’s no such thing as being too careful when it comes to the lives of an individual’s pets or their homes. It can also be beneficial to perform a background check on the sitter to uncover any past legal issues or pet-related complaints or charges.

Verify the Business

Veterinarians, groomers and pet stores are good sources of information about the reputation of the company for which the pet sitter works. The company and/or pet sitter should provide individuals with a written contract spelling out in detail their responsibilities, cancellation policies, rates, and services that will be performed. Make sure the same sitter will be used the entire time.

Other Issues

There’s a myriad of elements to consider when hiring a pet sitter. Their education, experience with specific animal species, and membership in professional animal associations are all relevant. Knowledge of pet first aid is essential. No outside individual of any age should ever be brought to the premises by the sitter. Maintaining contact with the pet parent is a critical element, whether it’s by phone, email, or text.

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