Dog Owner Etiquette

There are many etiquette rules in society regarding canines. Some are simply common sense and polite behavior, while others are actually laws that have been enacted for the common good. One of the habits that people complain about most – and with good reason – is the disposal of canine feces. There are also other customs of etiquette that demonstrate individuals are courteous and responsible dog owners.

Pick up the Poop

No one wants to inadvertently step in feces. Always bring bags to scoop up your dog’s bowel movements and dispose of it properly. Failure to do so can earn an individual a fine in many locales. Dog poop contaminates soil, water, doesn’t break down quickly, and can spread disease and parasites to people and other pets.

Leash Laws

Most cities have leash laws to protect people from aggressive canines and the public good. There are people that fear dogs, are allergic to them, or aren’t fans of animals in general. Leashes provide protection against a canine companion running into traffic.

Meet and Greets

Never let a dog greet a stranger or other animal without express permission from the other individual. It’s especially critical when children are involved. It’s impossible to know ahead of time if a dog will be aggressive. Previously “friendly” dogs have been known to start fights with dogs they know well or attack someone seemingly out of nowhere.

Barking and Jumping

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons, but one that constantly barks and refuses to be diverted is extremely annoying. Find ways that are effective for redirecting his/her attention. For people with yards, don’t leave the dog unattended if they’re prone to this behavior. Jumping is another habit that should be stopped ASAP. Sharp claws can cause injuries to people and pets, and ruin expensive garments.

No Play Zone

Don’t get into the habit of letting a dog play while on a leash. It can be dangerous to people and the canine. Dogs can easily learn the bad habit of assuming that all dogs will interact in this way.

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