Do Pet Waste Stations Work?

The short answer is yes. It’s the responsibility of dog owners to clean up after their canines and most individuals are diligent about the task. However, there are times when people are rushed and they forget to take a bag. There are also those that refuse to take care of pet waste under the mistaken assumption that their dog’s feces are fertilizer. The solution to those situations and more can be remedied with the installation of a pet waste station. Cities and neighborhoods across the nation are installing pet waste stations as an answer to the more than 10.6 million tons of dog waste produced by dogs each year. Pet waste stations have been shown to work in communities large and small. Models are available that dispense bags and also provide a receptacle for disposing of the waste. Pet waste stations are convenient for residents and provide a handy bag if individuals forget to take one with them. The devices also exert subtle pressure on individuals that are resistant to cleaning up after their dog. Many cities have instituted fines for failure to be responsible after the stations have been installed as a further incentive to do the right thing. In the hot and humid conditions that prevail in South Florida, it requires 9 weeks for dog feces to decompose and longer during cooler months. The stations are an effective and affordable tool for managing pet waste problems. They can be installed in and around neighborhoods, dog parks, walking trails, and businesses such as hotels and gas stations. Dog waste that’s not disposed of properly contaminates the soil and water. The waste can spread bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasitic infections to people and other pets. It can also spread disease to wildlife. The EPA considers it a hazardous waste and it should be treated as such. Pet waste stations do work and the devices are helping to create cleaner neighborhoods. Pet feces negatively affects the entire ecosystem. It attracts rodents and can do the same with a variety of larger predatory animals, and provide a breeding environment for numerous types of insects.

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