Choosing the Best Dog Food for Your Pet

Dogs can survive and even thrive on a variety of grain-based dog foods. The most important concern is that your canine derives the needed nutrients from their food. A good dog food can contain meat, grains, fruits and vegetables.

There’s an overwhelming variety of dry and wet dog food on the market – each claiming to be the best and healthiest for canines. Some dogs will gobble up a less expensive food, while eschewing a “healthier” high-priced option. It’s important to remember that even the “best” dog food is a waste if the dog won’t eat it. The following information can help you make an informed choice.

Read the Label

Dog food manufacturers are required to state nutritional adequacy on the label. However, label statements can be misleading. For instance, “beef” means the food must contain at least 70 percent beef. Terms that include beef dinner, platter or entrée only requires 10 percent beef ingredients. If the label says “with beef,” it’s only required to have 3 percent beef content. “Beef flavor” just means there’s enough beef to give it flavor – less than 3 percent.


Dog food brands are formulated with the nutrients dogs need. Commercial dog food is a highly regulated industry and must conform to strict regulations.


Canines will eat fruits and vegetables and many even relish them. Since dogs aren’t strict carnivores, they can also obtain needed vitamins and minerals from fruits, vegetables and grains.

Different Needs

Different breeds have different needs. Low energy dogs can require a different formulation than a canine that’s more active to avoid weight gain. Puppies, young adult canines and senior dogs all have different nutritional requirements. Small breeds have different requirements than larger dogs.

Allergies and Digestive Problems

Some canines develop allergies or digestive issues when fed certain brand formulations. Grain free and gluten free foods are available that can be substituted that still contain proper nutrition. Consult your veterinarian.

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