10 Fun Games to Play with Your Dog This Summer

There are dozens of ways to play your dog and get them some much needed exercise outside of
taking simple walks. Pet parents need to keep in mind that play sessions should be kept
relatively short during the hot and humid days of summer. Always make sure your canine has
access to fresh, clean water and that they don’t become overheated.
This is an excellent game for dogs that like to jump. Just don’t throw the disc too hard or too
far. The reward for the dog is being able to catch it.
Hide and Seek
Take your dog’s favorite toy and hide it in the back yard. Then bring your dog out to find it.
Tug of War
Dogs of all ages and sizes enjoy a game of tug-of-war. It’s an excellent way for dogs to work off
excess energy and learn how to stop when told to.
There are dog-safe bubble formulas on the market that will provide your dog with hours of fun.
You blow the bubbles and let your canine catch them.
Red Light-Green Light
The game is a good way to practice stay and come commands.
Kiddie Pool Fun
A kiddie pool can be a great source of entertainment and cooling for your dog. Don’t put too
much water in the pool, especially if you have a small dog.
The game is a perennial favorite for many dogs and an easy one for canines to learn.
Easy Obstacle Course
Set up some small obstacles and teach your dog to navigate around, over and through them.
Drop It Game
The object is to get your dog to drop an item in a box. It can be helpful to show your dog what
you want first and use patience. Every time your canine drops the object in the desired place,
reward them. Keep sessions short while they’re learning.
Flirt Pole

You can buy one or make one. It’s a long pole with a toy on a rope attached to one end. It’s a
great game for dogs that are trained to let go on command. It stimulates prey instinct in a non-
aggressive way. It’s critical to let your dog catch the toy occasionally as a reward.


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