Why Wipes are Better than Sprays for Your Gym

Maintaining a sufficient level of cleanliness requires a significant amount of time, money and products. The traditional method of sanitizing gyms consists of using a spray and cloths or paper towels to wipe off the excess. As a gym owner, you need to know there’s a better and more economical way to accomplish cleanliness goals.

As the owner of a fitness center or gym, you know how time-consuming and expensive it is to ensure that dirt, sweat and other biologics are eliminated. Patrons touch multiple surfaces on their way in and out of a facility and there are some very good reasons why wipes are better than sprays for your gym.

Over Spraying

When using a spray bottle and cloth to clean and disinfect, there’s always run off of excess product. There’s no way to spray the exact amount needed. A lot of product and money is wasted in the process. Disinfectant wipes are premoistened with the appropriate amount of liquid required and there’s very little – if any – waste involved.

Paper Towel Usage

If you’re using paper towels instead of cloths to spray and wipe, you know how many rolls of paper towels you can go through in a day. Disinfectant wipes are an all-in-one solution that significantly reduces paper towel usage. Wipes eliminate the need to keep huge bundles of cloths on hand, along with the washing and drying that must be done before they can be used again.

Less Waste

Paper towels take up a lot of room to store and in the trash. Each panel is substantially thicker than a disinfectant wipe. Paper towels require a considerable amount of natural resources to manufacture and few are sustainably sourced. There’s less waste with wipes than paper towels and it’s a better option for the environment.

Time Savings

Spraying and wiping is a multi-step process that takes time and it requires even more time if batches of spray have to be made individually from concentrated solutions. With disinfectant wipes, cleaning is a simple matter of pulling a new wipe out of the container and getting to work.

Helps Staff

Cleaning with wipes saves time for staff responsible for maintaining sanitation and enables them to perform other tasks for which they were hired. Installing disinfectant wipe stations throughout a facility encourages patrons to participate in the disinfection process.

At Crown Products, we create high-quality, focused products that, in essence, improve the quality of life for everyone who uses your facilities and public spaces. Visitors benefit from a cleaner space and resources to keep it clean, staff can focus on important maintenance rather than cleaning up litter and waste, and you can enjoy a pristine and appreciated space!

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