Why Pet Waste Stations Should be Mandatory

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but their waste isn’t. Dog feces has become an overwhelming
problem around the world, not just in South Florida. Mandatory pet waste stations could solve
many of the problems associated with the ever-growing mountain of dog waste.
In Florida, 56 percent of all households have at least 1 canine family member. A single dog
produces, on average, 274 pounds of waste per year. According to the Environmental
Protection Agency, 20 million pounds of dog waste is produced per year. It’s a situation that has
major ramifications for people, other pets, wildlife, and the environment.
Feces left on the ground pose a health danger. Dog waste isn’t fertilizer. It can take up to 12
months for a single pile of dog waste to fully decompose in hot, humid conditions. During that
time, the excrement is disseminated through the environment by insects, people, other pets,
wildlife, and car tires
Dog waste is a biohazard. Even feces from vaccinated canines can contain bacteria, fungi,
viruses and parasites that make people and animals sick. Locations like South Florida that
receives significant rainfall are at increased risk of contamination.
Rainwater washes feces into waterways of every type. It has the potential to contaminate
sources of drinking water. It’s a powerful source of nitrogen that has the ability to spawn
extreme algae blooms. In turn, it robs the water of oxygen that kills fish and other aquatic life
forms for which South Florida is known.
Pet waste stations provide individuals with the bags to clean up after their dog, along with a
sanitary and hygienic way to dispose of it. However, simply taking the waste to a landfill isn’t a
good solution, either. It contributes to greenhouse gases and still has the potential to
contaminate water. The technology exists to transform dog excrement into a renewable energy
source that should be implemented.


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