Why Gym Wipes are Better Than Spray

Gyms in many areas continue to take extra precautions to prevent the spread of potentially dangerous illnesses following the pandemic. They’re also discovering that the sprays and paper towels to maintain those prevention measures can be expensive. That’s when the use of gym wipes can help. A clean and disinfected facility is essential for acquiring new clients and retaining established customers. Less Expensive Gym wipes are a more cost-effective method of disinfecting than sprays and paper towels. Even if spays and cloth wipes are used, they must still be laundered, which takes additional time and money. Effective Disinfection Gym wipes clean and disinfect all in a single, disposable option. The spray and towel method of cleaning can easily transfer bacteria, viruses and fungi to other surfaces. The American Journal of Infection Control deemed wipes more effective than paper towels. Wipes provide better results. Safer for Equipment A large number of today’s modern gym equipment has digital and electronic components. Spraying disinfectant directly on the machines will result in costly repair bills and customer dissatisfaction when the equipment is unavailable. Safe Storage While gym owners will need a space to store their wipes, it’s a much less hazardous option than maintaining a supply of chemical sprays on-site. Convenience Gym wipes are easy and convenient to use, both of which are features that appeal to clients. They’re also easily disposed of once they’ve been used. In studies, a full 90 percent of gym goers said they preferred wipes and felt they were more effective than the spray and towel method. Wipe Dispensers There are wipe dispensers that gym owners can install throughout the facility, allowing clients to wipe down equipment before and after use. Providing dispensers provides individuals with an added sense of safety, while helping to prevent the spread of unwelcome illnesses. Sustainable There are a variety of gym wipes that are biodegradable, offering a sustainable solution to disinfection needs.

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