Why a Clean Gym Should be a Priority

Gyms are public places and those that frequent the facilities can bring in highly transmissible bacteria, viruses and fungi without even knowing it. Multiple studies have shown that gyms are well-known for their ability to spread illnesses, making cleanliness a high priority.

Customers that attend fitness centers and gyms assume that the businesses take appropriate precautions to minimize contamination of all types. Gyms found to be skimping on cleaning protocols can quickly lose their reputation and customers.

While all surfaces have the potential to spread illness and disease, there are some areas that need particular care. Handles on treadmills and other types of equipment that people hold on to is one of those areas. Shower floors, bathroom door handles, and bare pads are also potential illness spreaders, along with counters, all door handles and the decking around swimming pools.

No one wants to work out in a soup of someone else’s germs, yet a study conducted by the University of Michigan showed that 49 percent of gym-goers didn’t think their gym was actually clean. Individuals are more likely to join a gym that appears well-maintained and hygienic.

One of the most effective ways to help keep a gym clean is to install dispensers for disposable disinfectant wipes. It allows individuals to wipe down machines and equipment before and after they use it. Doing so helps keep the facility cleaner and gives customers the satisfaction of knowing that they’re taking action to keep themselves healthy.

Cleanliness standards and hygiene codes are set forth by the state and gyms can be shut down by the health department if they’re found to be insufficient. Meeting those standards is critical for maintaining licensure, essential for retaining existing clients, and attracting new customers. With the installation of disposable wipe dispensers, gym owners can enlist the help of customers in keeping the facility cleaner.

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