Where to Buy Pet Waste Stations

Pet waste stations are providing a clean and eco-friendly solution to the ever-increasing
problem of dog waste in cities around the globe. Municipalities have a variety of resources for
purchasing the equipment. Pet waste stations are economical, efficient, and are available in
different sizes to accommodate the needs of different locales. The following are just some of
the places where cities can purchase pet waste stations.
Crown Products Online
The company is a leader in the industry and offers two models constructed of galvanized steel
for long-lasting service. One is a receptacle for depositing bagged dog waste. The other features
an all-in-one solution with a receptacle for collecting the waste and a bag dispenser for owners
that forget to take one with them. Bag refills are available.
A Bio-Hazard
The problem of pet waste can’t be overstated. It’s a bio-hazard affecting people, pets, wildlife
and the environment. Pet excrement fouls sources of drinking water and waterways of all
types. The waste takes months to decompose and is washed into storm drains when it rains.
Pet waste contamination kills fish and contributes to toxic algae blooms.
A little over 60 percent of pet parents are responsible and clean up after their pets.