What’s the Right Dog for You?

Many people dream of having a dog in their life, but aren’t sure where to start in making a
selection. There are some basics you should look for in any dog that you’re thinking of
adopting. The same considerations are operative whether you’re seeking a purebred dog or
adopting one from a shelter. Just be aware that shelter dogs may have issues from their past
that need to be addressed.
The canine shouldn’t demonstrate aggression or behave as if he/she is afraid of you. The dog
should tolerate gentle touching and handling. If choosing a puppy, the parents’ temperament
may be indicative of how the puppy will act and react as he/she matures.
Your lifestyle is a critical factor in the type of dog you adopt. Some things to consider include:
 Types of activities in which you engage
 Active or sedentary lifestyle
 Time you’re away from home each day
 Do you take frequent trips out of town
 Who will care for the dog when you’re away
 Will the dog be professionally trained
 Apartment dweller of home owner
 Do you have a yard
 Large or small dog
 Do you want a dog for a specific purpose
Larger dogs tend to need more energetic exercise than smaller dogs. Smaller dogs will need to
be walked more often, but they can also be trained to use a potty pad indoors.
Family Members
It’s important to understand that all dogs don’t like – or get along with – children, cats or other
dogs. Some canines prefer women or men and vice-versa. Your new dog may like you, but form
a special attachment to your significant other.
Florida law requires dogs to have a variety of vaccinations to protect them, people and other
animals against multiple types of communicable illnesses and diseases. That doesn’t include
optional vaccines and there’s always the potential for an injury that requires veterinarian care.


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