What do People Look for in a Gym?

A gym has one opportunity to make a good impression on potential clients. A gym’s livelihood depends on that first impression to acquire new clients, get good reviews, and obtain referrals. There are multiple elements that people seek in their preferred gym and the following are some of the most important to clients.


No one wants to work out in a gym that appears dirty or grimy. Clients will look for clean floors, showers, and staff that regularly wipe down equipment and other surfaces. Stations with disinfectant wipes are a plus.


A well-lit gym contributes to a feeling of cleanliness – it makes clients feel energized. The more natural light that can be utilized, the better.

Equipment Variety

Some people prefer to use a single type of equipment, while others employ a fitness strategy that encompasses multiple types of machines and equipment. Successful gyms offer a wide range of equipment to accommodate every desire. All of the same types of equipment should be grouped together.

Open Spaces

No one wants to feel crowded when they work out. The design and layout of the equipment should allow sufficient room to manipulate equipment, move around, and feel comfortable in their own space while exercising. However, individuals will also use the number of people using the gym as a measure of how desirable it is.


A great number of people that exercise feel at ease on their own with minimal guidance or instruction. Others work best when they’re in a group where it’s easier to learn different moves with others that are at the same level of fitness. The greater number of classes available the better, such as Pilates, hot yoga, Zumba, and Barre. There are also patrons that will enjoy a boot camp, spinning or SoulCycle, boxing or CrossFit classes.


No matter how popular the gym, the variety of equipment, or number of classes offered, if the cost of a membership isn’t affordable, no one will come. The same is true of pay-per-visit arrangements.

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