Ways to Keep the Nursery Smelling Fresh

A nursery receives a lot of use and it’s a hotbed for unwanted and potentially unhealthy odors. Parents want to prevent smells rather than just covering them up with sweet-smelling sprays. The following are just some of the methods that parents can utilize to keep the nursery smelling clean and fresh.


A baby’s diapers are a primary cause of unwanted odors. It can be extremely helpful to place dirty diapers in a plastic bag and tie the top before immediately disposing of the entire bundle. The plastic bags hold in odors and prevent leakage.

Placing a fabric softener sheet underneath the changing pad and/or in the diaper pail is another strategy. Essential oils can also be effective for eliminating smells. Tea tree oil can be used to clean and it has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.

Diaper Bags

A diaper bag is a prime vector for odors from soiled diapers, leaky bottles, and the build-up of bacteria from items ranging from toys and teething rings to sippy cups. Depending upon the diaper bag, it may be machine washable which is a real time saver. At the very least, clean the interior of the diaper bag at least once a week. There are also disinfecting sprays that can be used to kill the bacteria that cause smells and that are also safe for baby. There are many ways to mask unpleasant smells that may come from a diaper bag.

Clothes and Linens

Most parents are surprised at just how many ways milk, drool, and baby food can find their way to blankets, clothes, and crib sheets. Change and wash cloth items frequently and don’t allow them to set very long before doing so.

Air flow

The flow of air throughout the nursery isn’t something that most parents consider, but the lack of sufficient air circulation will allow odors to build up. Whenever possible, open the windows to introduce fresh air into the nursery. It can also be helpful to run a small fan for a few hours a day to stir up the air. Just be sure it doesn’t blow directly on the baby.

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