Is Your Dog Marking His/Her Territory in Your Home?

Dogs are territorial in nature and communicate to others of their species through urinating on objects. It’s one of the reasons why your dog invests so much time in investigating where other canines have urinated. While acceptable outside, scent marking is a major problem when your dog decides to mark indoors. Un-neutered males are most…

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Making Public Bathrooms User-Friendly

public bathrooms

Families around the world have discovered that few public bathrooms are user-friendly for people with babies and toddlers, despite multiple means of doing so. They present a variety of problems for parents and caregivers. A lack of amenities in pubic bathrooms also affects other individuals that must avail themselves of the facilities. Even fathers have…

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Ways to Keep your Public Bathroom Smelling Fresh

Everyone has had the experience of needing a public bathroom, only to be nauseated by an unpleasant odor when they enter. The sheer number of individuals that avail themselves of public bathrooms can present special problems when trying to maintain cleanliness and eliminate odor. One of the most prevalent problems is that the industrial strength…

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Public Bathroom Essentials

There have definitely been improvements in the amenities available in public restrooms, but there’s still a long way to go. There are many things over which individuals have no control, such as how often toilet tissue and soap are replenished, but are essential for any public bathroom. Cleanliness is critical and as a greater awareness…

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Ways to Keep the Nursery Smelling Fresh

Diaper Disposal

A nursery receives a lot of use and it’s a hotbed for unwanted and potentially unhealthy odors. Parents want to prevent smells rather than just covering them up with sweet-smelling sprays. The following are just some of the methods that parents can utilize to keep the nursery smelling clean and fresh. Diapers A baby’s diapers…

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